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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"You go the extra mile to take care of your customers."

"Friendly service; knowledgeable pharmacist."

"Friendly; always go out of your way to be helpful."

"Brian is the best!!!!!"

"That they know you when you come in. I can ask if Grandma's medicine is ready and they always know who I'm talking about."

"Reliability & convenience"

"Family owned"

"Local and great people!"

"Friendly and helpful staff"


"I've been a customer at this pharmacy for decades. It means a lot to be able to trust the pharmacists. Penny & Brian are especially wonderful to work with."

"Brian has been extremely helpful with prescriptions for my parents. He's been especially helpful with medication for my Mom."

"Quick service"

"It has a very hometown mentality. They know you personally and care. They are very helpful and even stay aware of discounts on meds to help save the customers as much as possible."

"Very fast!"

"They know us"

"Good location"

"Knowledgeable and friendly pharmacist"

"Drive thru"

"Fast, friendly service with a small-town feel."

"Brian; he is very knowledgeable"

"I can trust Brian & Penny. I feel that they look out for my best interest."

"They know who I am."


"They are very helpful, friendly, & efficient at filling prescriptions. Our past pharmacy was not efficient. Happy we made the switch."

"Customer service"


"Very accommodating"

"The people"

"Always very helpful"

"The help that Bryan gives to us to get the best deal on our drug plans."

"The people"

"Brian is exceptional; cares about customers' needs and will take the extra step to accommodate customers."

"Drive thru"

"The great service and one-on-one help they give!"

"Brian goes above and beyond for the clients."

"Knowledge and friendliness"

"They know us."

"The pharmacists know us by name and really care."

"Independent. Great people."

"Drive up"

"Friendly, honest, convenient, and local pharmacy"

"Everything! Great people and great service!"

"Love the Millstadt Pharmacy! I feel like everyone knows us and we get excellent care."

"Small-town; knows my name"

"Hometown feel."

"I feel comfortable talking about the medications I'm on and asking questions. Treated like family!"

"Hometown; fast service"

"Small-town, pharmacist knows me on sight"

"The people are wonderful!"


"Very helpful when you ask questions and very friendly."

"Hometown and friendly!"

"The prices are cheaper. Friendly staff."

"Personalized service and accessible pharmacist"

"Brian, the pharmacist; He's always efficient, competent, and VERY helpful."

"I have been going here for years. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. This is a special place to get meds and browse all the cool things you can purchase. True home grown pharmacy that has been in Millstadt for years."

"Convenience and friendliness"

"Employees and customer service"

"Service and personnel"

"The staff is so knowledgeable and nice. It is convenient to where I live. I love this app; it makes the process very efficient and easy."

"How they remember everything about you"

"Helpful pharmacy staff."

"Personalized service from a hometown business."


"Fast and friendly expert service."

You can help Millstadt Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!